Friday, September 7, 2012

top 5 friday

top tv return 
{tuesdays just got better with the return of the biggest diva (with the biggest lips) on tv, jeff lewis}
 top rebels
{taking a page out of her st. louis roots, kath forced meg to partake in some open container law breaking}
 top dive bar
{meg helped celebrate a coworker's birthday at this chicago dive bar}
 top plane/pool read
{to pass the time on a long flight, meg bought the second book of the divergent series}
 top weekend getaway
{the day has come! we are off to vegas this evening... if em and calvin harris get married in the little white chapel on saturday, no one will be surprised} 

djs, $lots, champagne and pools. our weekend will be aiiiight. 
top notch 

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