Monday, November 5, 2012

music monday

here's what we've listening to these past few weeks.

default by django django

breakers by local natives

clique by kanye west 

flowers in your hair- the lumineers

die young-ke$ha

meg and kath

Friday, September 28, 2012

top 5 friday

top album 
{not that we need to mention it again, we love mumford and sons, and their sophomore album is on repeat}
top memoir
{if you ever had a crush on jfk jr, idolized jackie o or are a romantic at heart, this is a must read for you. kath swooned through the entire novel (thanks sarah!)}
top "chick-flick" tv show
{loved everything about the pilot: boozy speech, spazzy first date,  a "when harry meet sally" clip. perfection in 30 minutes}
top crewcut purchase
{american kids are obese=we can fit into crewcuts, can't complain}
top picture/video app
{make your own gif's with this awesome app bmc and friends found}
here's to being in prep heaven at the ryder cup this weekend!
meg and kath 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

supper club goes to davanti entoca

the latest outing for our supper club was to davanti enoteca in little italy.


the restaurant was super cute and cozy with awesome decor. like most supper club outings we picked a bunch of different items and shared. with pizza, pasta, proscuitto, excellent wine list and amazing ragu, davanit entoca was a great pick.

go carb it up at davanti entoca,
kath and the supper clubbers

arm party

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wednesday wish list: the first men's edition

top notch's favorite man about town, bill, has kindly created his first men's edition of wednesday wish list. enjoy!
{fall is here, strap your boots on and get ready.}

{be prepared.}

{a new pair of jeans for the start of the season.}

{school is in session, read something.}

{for when it needs to fit just right. J. Hilburn- custom, we can all (sort of) afford.}
can't wait to to be chatham neighbors!
bill (and meg and kath)

Friday, September 7, 2012

top 5 friday

top tv return 
{tuesdays just got better with the return of the biggest diva (with the biggest lips) on tv, jeff lewis}
 top rebels
{taking a page out of her st. louis roots, kath forced meg to partake in some open container law breaking}
 top dive bar
{meg helped celebrate a coworker's birthday at this chicago dive bar}
 top plane/pool read
{to pass the time on a long flight, meg bought the second book of the divergent series}
 top weekend getaway
{the day has come! we are off to vegas this evening... if em and calvin harris get married in the little white chapel on saturday, no one will be surprised} 

djs, $lots, champagne and pools. our weekend will be aiiiight. 
top notch