Friday, September 28, 2012

top 5 friday

top album 
{not that we need to mention it again, we love mumford and sons, and their sophomore album is on repeat}
top memoir
{if you ever had a crush on jfk jr, idolized jackie o or are a romantic at heart, this is a must read for you. kath swooned through the entire novel (thanks sarah!)}
top "chick-flick" tv show
{loved everything about the pilot: boozy speech, spazzy first date,  a "when harry meet sally" clip. perfection in 30 minutes}
top crewcut purchase
{american kids are obese=we can fit into crewcuts, can't complain}
top picture/video app
{make your own gif's with this awesome app bmc and friends found}
here's to being in prep heaven at the ryder cup this weekend!
meg and kath 

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  1. "{american kids are obese=we can fit into crewcuts, can't complain}" One of my fave captions to date....glad you're back to fall blogging!