Thursday, September 6, 2012

movies in the park

{the first of many sister+cousin evenings}
movies in the park is a great summer activity in chicago and when grease came up on the schedule, we could not pass it up!
{meg looking like the fourth olsen sister}
{cousins 4 lyfe}

{sister sister}
but going with your sister and your cousin means seeing about a minute of the movie while talking, eating and sipping on vino for the rest of it. meg and kath's sister and cousin, sarah and honore, are bff's and the match makers of our friendship (you can basically thank them for this blog).
{everyone else watching the movie... while we gabbed the night away}

{blah blah bah- our neighbors were not happy}

{twinning- down to the green eco friendly bags}
sarah made pasta salad, meg and kath "baked" cookie bars and honore brought the wine and fiji water (typical). after picking up other treats, we made a large picnic space on the hill and enjoyed a lovely chicago summer evening.

{top notch rebels... drinking and walking}

hope you got yourself some summa lovin' this past summer!
meg and kath

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