Friday, August 17, 2012

top 5 friday

happy friday!

top shorts on boys
boys, do yourselves a favor and go buy every pair of chubbies. we love these shorts and any boy rocking the killer combo of chubbies+button down+boat shoes is top notch in our book. 
{chubbies=babe status}

top love triangle
like everyone else, we love "newsroom." besides our girl crushes on mac and sloan, we can't get enough of the love triangle of don, jim and maggie. are you team don or team jim? 
{ya he does.}

top read
kath read "gone girl" in two days and proceeded to lecture us all on the "cool girl theory." we are now all reading it for book club. go get your copy today! 
{be prepared to become obsessed}

top cocktail
top notch pal val introduced us to the amazing strawberry-basil lemonade this summer and we have been guzzling them since. dice up strawberries and basil, pour some lemonade, splash of club soda and a decent amount of vodka. you're welcome. 
{these go down quickly}
top tv starlets
another day another tv interview
{wardrobe provided by j.crew}

have a top notch weekend!

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