Monday, August 20, 2012

music monday: gentlemen of the road

this past saturday em and i drove out to dixon, illinois (the boyhood home of ronald reagan!) to go to the gentlemen of the road stopover.

after a two hour drive, multiple tollways and a some what sketchy bus ride from a random field parking lot, we arrived at the stopover site on the campus of dixon highschool (home of the dukes and duchesses!) next to rock river. with 312 cans in hand, our first stop was the swag stand to get the only long-sleeve option available, men's pullovers. while em and i like to think of ourselves as regular concert goers, we were in full on rookie-mode this saturday not bringing jackets or sweaters when the low was going to be 60 degrees.

{dawes were amazing on their own but when marcus mumford joined them, the crowd went wild}
from here we saw nathaniel rateliff, dawes, gogel bordelle (shocking how many middle aged women knew the lyrics to this motley crew of punk rockers) and of course mumford and sons. words do not describe how amazing mumford and sons were.
{no words.}
the set was so unreal that when they played "cave" in their encore, em and i hadn't even realized we had missed one our favorites. with a mix of old and new, song after song was a hit. to end the perfect evening, mumford had all of their friends come on stage and sing "with a little help from our friends"

our favorite new song they played was "lover of the light." while this video isn't from dixon, it is just as fabulous.

mind blown. hopefully the videos gave you a taste of what em and i will say was the best concert we have ever been too (and we have been to a lot of shows).

carey mulligan, you are one lucky lady.

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