Tuesday, August 14, 2012

music monday: after lolla edition

after much anticipation, this year's lolla did not disappoint. minus the various run ins with people we were trying to avoid, lost flip flops, consuming water bottles full of cheap wine, trying to return tom coker's wallet to no avail, the storm evacuation on saturday and a painfully hungover trip back to grant park on sunday, we saw a ton of great bands and had a top notch weekend.

meg's pick

after begging and pleading (and maybe a handful of boring songs from jack white...we were surprised by this, too) i FINALLY got the crew to head over to Childish Gambino (possible better known as "Troy" from Community?) with me. everyone was very happy with this decision. he was really fun to see live and put on a great show!

em's pick

i've listened to the album over and over again,  so i couldn't wait to get to of monsters and men on sunday. after a quick pit stop at j.cole our mini crew (we were down to the top notch crew + bridget) headed to our favorite tree lined stage. while their set was super quick, it was my favorite of the weekend. they are amazing live! 

kath's pick

continuing the theme of loving sunday's shows, my top show of the weekend was miike snow. putting on an amazing show, the band rocked it out, got us dancing and was an excellent ending to a great weekend. i could listen to their albums over and over again and i will go see this band any chance i get!

top notch's collective fav
em has a new love in her life and it is swedish dj avicii. going into club-head mode, all three of us and our friends, danced saturday night away at the bud light stage. 

see ya next year lolla!
top notch 

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