Thursday, August 9, 2012

book club: the orphan master's son

good luck to the next host of book club, chris rocked it out last night. in keeping with the theme of this month's selection, the orphan master's son , everything was korean. we watched k-pop videos, took shots of korean whiskey and stuffed our faces with korean delicacies. after a quiz on the book and korean culture/history (the korean war is still going on ps), we watched an extremley interesting documentary: the vice guide to north korea.
{welcome to book club}
{the "dear leader" watched over the evening and would have approved}
{an array of korean alchohol}

{home made korean sushi}
{all the food was clearly enjoyed}

 two peace signs way up for an excellent book club!

dreaming of being a k-pop star
top notch

p.s. enjoy our favorite k-pop video to get your thursday poppin'


  1. Hi, this is adam johnson, author of the orphan master's son--it looks like you had an awesome book club meeting. I wish I was there. I especially love how you posted pictures of the dear and great leaders!

  2. Thanks Adam! We really enjoyed Orphan Master's Son and had a blast talking about it!