Sunday, March 25, 2012

book club

while some might think we are nerds, we all find reading to be one of the greatest ways to spend an afternoon (or the commute to work). we are fortunate enough to have a close friend who just happened to get her master's degree in librarian sciences and a couple months ago she organized our inaugural book club meeting.  katie's enthusiasm for  The Hunger Games was infectious and we all gladly joined. i (meg)  hosted the event with katie (who happens to be my roommate) and spared no expense in the decorations.  while we envisioned their apartment to resemble the capital, district 12 and the arena it actually looked like a poorly decorated 3rd grade birthday party. nonetheless, it was AWESOME.  we had Hunger Games cupcakes, plenty of Haymitch juice (wine), a cornucopia of appetizers, with a map of panem and a trivia game to boot.

we are excited to have a new read to discuss every month, as well as the opportunity to try out all those recipes we've been pinning!  

next up: In The Garden of Beasts we'll let you know how it is!

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{hunger games cupcakes}

{the 'arena'}

{the tributes}

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  1. For future posts, "Library and Information Sciences" and feel free to mention my program's national ranking...

    Does "Garden of Beats" have a CD accompaniment?