Tuesday, September 4, 2012

music monday: Write Me Back

i know, i know...a lot of people have a huge problem with R.Kelly, his poor life decisions in the past and don't want to listen to his music anymore. which is fair, but per my father's suggestion i gave his new album, Write Me Back a whirl a couple of  weeks ago and it's pretty much all i've been listening to since. this album is a little less Chocolate Factory and a little more Barry White. personally, i think it's the perfect thing to listen to while stuck at my desk all day.  each song on the album is groovin by my (and my dad's) standards but below are a few of my new favorites!

1. love is

2. feelin' single

3. party jumpin'

4. Ignition (Remix), for good measure.

if you have some extra time don't watch Hollywood Exes starring Andrea Kelly (R. Kelly's ex wife), it's terrible.

thanks for the recommendation, dad!

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