Wednesday, August 8, 2012

...and back to you top notch

{we're really sorry we've been MIA...but we've been having too much fun!}

{lawn chair backpack swag}
{maddie's ice skating party}

{family trip to nashville} 
{anne and meg}
{family trip to ravinia}
{color coordinated fashionistas} 
{baby nora! top notch's cutest fan!}
{casual today show interview..}
{2 hours didn't take long for the fame to go to her head}
{kath's dream boat}

{top notch and co do lolla}
{and the best dancer award goes to...}

{kati's sister's wedding!!!! congrats kasey!}
{oopsies, princess katie got a tinjury (toe injury), she lost a lot of blood but has since had a full recovery}
{kath hanging in st. louis like a boss}
{party princess}
{trouble maker}

{cards v. cubs. go cubs!!} 
{mud party at pitchfork}
{summer cocktail of choice}

{dodgeball kids at duffy's}
{happy fourth of july from top notch!}
{foster the people concert}
{night out at zellas}
{meg's sister on lawn chair duty}
{ms. c does girls on the run!}

{dodgeball crew 2012} 
{cait's birthday celebration at barn&co}
{sunday mimosa time}
{mag taking meg on a wave runner ride}

{brunch table cat nap}

{sorry face from meg, party face from kath. sorry for partying}
{here's to a happening fall!}

top notch

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