Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY: dip dye

i'll admit i have plenty of bad habits. one is hoarding clothes, especially old jeans. in my defense, i've spent a lot of money on them so why should i have to throw them away?? (because they are dated and i never wear them) but since my dad doesn't seem to understand that i need a closet at my apartment for the current season's items and a closet at home for everything else, i was forced to clean out my "bedroom" (read: now guest bedroom) at my parents house this weekend. so i decided to make a little project out of the ones i just couldn't let go of.  oh and dad (yes, my dad is an avid top notch reader, fan and editor) i'm sorry that i spent my day in glenview doing this instead of actually doing the aforementioned task of cleaning out my (your) closet.

ok, enough about me and more about crafting. dip dying is the newest way to take an old, crummy pair of blue jeans and turning them into a cute little pair of trendy cutoffs! just fetch the supplies and follow the steps listed below and you can sport your own!

step 1. gather supplies: old pair of jeans, plastic bucket, white vinegar, ruler & bleach.

step 2. cut pants into shorts to desired length.  i suggest you cut them a bit longer than your ideal length to leave room for fraying.

step 3. mix 2 parts warm water and 1 part bleach in plastic bucket.

step 4. shimmy ruler through belt loops in order to balance shorts while they soak in bleach mixture.  leave in for about 30 minutes or so depending on original wash of denim. once you have reached your desired shade, rinse your shorts in the white vinegar to stop the bleaching process (please note: denim will appear much whiter once rinsed in vinegar). 

step 5. wash the shorts alone the first time to avoid getting bleach on other items. 


step 6. wear them around town and brag to anyone who will listen that you made them yourself, you saucy minx! (picture of me doing so coming soon!)

you can do this process with just about anything! next, i think i'll try my old, ratty abercrombie and fitch jean jacket from high school. 

have fun!

meg for top notch

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