Tuesday, May 22, 2012

top notch takes off: sanibel island

every year my family takes a trip to sanibel island, florida.  it's such a nice, simple place where you can get away from the hectic city and just relax. i literally do as little as possible when i'm there. my typical day consists of waking up around 10am, laying out by the pool, taking a leisurely walk on the beach (or more realistically, taking a nap on the chaise under an umbrella) then finishing up the day with a long dinner at one of the many amazing island restaurants, followed by  ice cream at the sanibel bean of course. and that about sums up my week. sanibel is my favorite.  i can always count on my week there to bring me peace and happiness.  thank you to my wonderful mom and dad for always bringing me back to this amazing place.

stay fly.
meg for top notch

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