Thursday, May 24, 2012

supper club goes to the purple pig

a visit from the chef, a few bottles of wine from a new friend and about 20 dishes later, you can say we enjoyed our evening at the purple pig.
{relaxing al fresco}
after about a hour wait on the patio, which went by quickly with the help of lively convo and few glasses of wine, we were seated in the outdoor dining area at a large table with different parties on both ends of our group of seven ladies. after discussing the menu with our waitress we decided to go section by section with our ordering.

{daunting menu but we somehow managed...}
from the antipasta section we selected the salt-roasted beets with whipped goat cheese and pistachio vinaigrette and the braised baby artichokes, fingerling potatoes, asiago and salami toscana. for a group of girls who were debating if we liked beets, that little bowl was cleared out pretty quickly.
{never came across an artichoke we didn't like}

{beets- out of this world}

our table mate warned us that the smears were a bit "fattening and heavy" and they couldn't get to the table fast enough. for the 7 of us we picked the whipped feta with cucumbers, the pork neck bone gravy with ricotta and an extra order of toast. meg is not normally a fan of feta or any other "trendy cheese" but enjoyed this smear!

{would eat this daily if possible}

{bone marrow- need we say more?}
staying on theme with fattening and awesome food, from the fried section we ordered (two) petit basque cheese with membrillo, or grown up mozzerella sticks, and prosciutto escarole bread balls.

if you thought we were full by now, we were far from it. next we ordered four orders of the meatball slider, milk braised pork shoulder with mash potatoes, chicken thigh kebabs with fried smashed potates and tzatziki and wagyu sirloin tip with fingerling potatoes, red onions, olives and bone marrow vinaigrette.

{kebabs for all!}

{four orders of sliders later...we all were happy campers}
{wagyu steak- easiest choice of the evening}
{very simliar to the smear but we were not complaining]
"and we will take one of everything" from the dessert menu motto stayed almost true again: lemon panna cotta, sicilian iris, festa di santa lucia crema,  bread pudding with marsala and citrus, soft serve ice cream and a pineapple tort.

great ambiance, premium dishes, and first-rate wine the purple pig was a top notch supper club choice (nice pick mara!)

stay tuned for where the "eating team" ventures next.

stay fly
top notch

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