Thursday, April 5, 2012

top notch takes off: nashville

i took a trip to Nashville with the fam a few months ago and i can easily say it was one of my favorite trips ever!  the town was so cute, the food was good, the people were very welcoming and everyone was just looking to have a good time. but the music is really what won me over.  from the struggling artists performing in various dive bars to Vince Gill and Sheryl Crow who made surprise guest appearances with The Time Jumpers (must check these guys out if you're a bluegrass fan) at The Station Inn i've never seen so many talented performers in such a short period of time. whether you are planning a trip with a group of girlfriends, your boo or your family i highly recommend you consider venturing out to Nashville. you won't be disappointed!

{on our way! 8 hours to drive from chicago to nashville!}
{weekend drink of choice}
{photo of priscilla and elvis from their wedding }
{Jack's Bar-B-Que}
{my sister, Sarah, and i at Tootsies}
{breakfast @ Loveless Cafe}
{Vince Gill with The Time Jumpers}

   {Sheryl Crow performing with Vince and The Time Jumpers}
{on broadway...}
{Sarah getting ready to record in the studio!}
{my dad in the recording studio!}
{another shot of Elvis and Priscilla}    

{Grand Ole Opry}

until next time, Nashville...

stay fly.


meg for top notch

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