Tuesday, April 17, 2012


last week we headed over to chicago's newest hot spot, Bill and Guiliana Rancic's RPM. in keeping with tradition, we ordered numerous menu items and enjoyed all of them. we started off with the truffled garlic bread, lobster caprase, zucchini fritti with herb dip, gnocchi al forno, prime beef meatballs, and giuliana's italian salad.

{lobster caprese- inspired combination}

{zuchinni friti+pinot noir= great start to the meal}

{prime rib meatballs- table favorite}

{garlic bread- clearly enjoyed by all}

after devouring the appetizers we decided to try some pastas. the eight of us shared mama depandi's bucatini pomodoro, short rib pappardelle, spicy king crab, and the strozzapreti.
{short rib pappardelle and strozzapreti}
{pinot and pasta for all!}
some how, we all had room for dessert. our waitress recommended bill's dark chocolate and cherry dessert as well as the hazelnut tortufo. both were excellent but we'd say the chocolate cherry was the table's favorite.
{hazelnut tortufo}
to top off our excellent dinner, we meet bill when we were leaving RPM! he was beyond gracious and even cuter in person (if you can believe it)! we definently recommend checking out RPM! 
{getting ready to meet bill!}
stay fly
top notch

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  1. this all sounds/looks so good. MUST try it out!