Thursday, April 26, 2012

book club

top notch's em was the book club hostess this month for In The Garden Of Beasts and she did a stellar job!

{we love book talks over wine and apps}

with a plethora of appetizers including the famous buffalo chicken dip, tomato basil open sandwiches, crudites and hummus (thanks to webber's historical research), we had a complex discussion about the non-fiction novel based in pre-WWII berlin. due to the books complex content, our book club discussion sounded more like a english lit class than our usual chic-lit conversation, it was great!  

after dabbling in the non-fiction realm (and since our two male members were absent) we voted to read fifty shades of grey  for may, should be interesting!

{we are reading these on iphones to hide the infamous novel}
let us know if you have read either book! happy reading!

stay fly.
top notch

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